Superkick only works with the v1.4 ROM (r36.16) and only with an A3000 (or at least an Amiga with 030 and MMU), each Superkick ROM has some additional helper code, this is called “Bonus”, this could be a scsi driver, RAM addition code etc

Hard drive files

Simply concatenate the Bonus ROM on to the kickstart ROM, you’ll need to rename the created file to “Kickstart” and place it under the appropriate directory on your Amiga.

romprofile single 0 1
saveprofile kick


You need two kickstart ROMs, two Bonus ROMs and a little extra magic (which Cap does for you), the file is saved with a .bin extension, which is a little untidy and really should be .adf (this might be fixed when you read this).

romprofile Superkick.ADF 0 1 2 3
saveprofile Superkick.floppy
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