3.1 Furia PCMCIA/8Mb

If you want to use PCMCIA and the full 8Mb on an original 3.1 Kickstart, you can replace the original cardres.device with a patched one from EAB.

Because the patch is smaller than the original, all you have to do is delete the original module from the ROM and then when you add the patched one, it will just fit into the new space, no issue.

First get the patched cardres.ld.strip from EAB (you’ll need to extract the file from the .lha) then fire up capcli;

loadrom kick31.rom
delete 28
add cardres.ld.strip
saverom kick31.patched.rom

And you’re done, note – I’m assuming you’re using the same ROM as me – so cardres.device is component number 28, you might want to check this first by using the “rom” command.

This was requested by/identified for Tom Walker on Facebook.

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