3.2.1 TerribleFire ehide

To use the onboard IDE of the Terriblefire cards you need to add the ehide.device, either using loadmodule after booting from an internal drive or you can build a custom ROM, if you have a 3.2.1/3.2.2 ROM this is super easy as there’s (just) enough space to add it without removing anything or creating a 1Mb ROM.

Unfortunately the 3.2.2 ROM is a little larger and the v1.1 ehide.device won’t fit in the spare space, if you use the newer/smaller v1.2 ehide.device then it will fit, or if you don’t use the inbuilt scsi.device to boot you can delete it and then either ehide.device will fit into the hole it made (you can always simply load it again from your TF boot disk).

loadrom "ROMs/Hyperion/3.2.1/A1200.47.102.rom"
add "Components/TerribleFire/ehide IDE Driver 1.1 (18.6.21)/ehide.device"
saverom Kickstart.3.2.1.withehide

If you have a dual ROM system (e.g. A1200) and want to create files for burning to 27c400 eproms (e.g. you need to split/byteswap), then instead of “saverom” you can create a profile and save that instead;

romprofile dual 0 0
saveprofile 512 byteswap Kickstart.3.2.1.withehide

The romprofile 0 0 just adds two copies of the ROM “overburning” to fill the ROMs – you may get unexpected results if you only partially burn EPROMs.

This will create two files “Kickstart.3.2.1.withehide.0.bin” and  “Kickstart.3.2.1.withehide.1.bin” for burning.

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